Beechtree Baby

Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue

$ 30.00$ 34.95
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  • Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue
  • Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue
  • Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue
  • Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue

Beechtree Baby

Breathable Modal Wrap - Grey/Blue

$ 30.00$ 34.95
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  • Our cloud spun modal fabric blend is 150% more breathable and 2x softer than cotton
  • Just the right amount of stretch so that both you and your baby are comfortable
  • Convenient front pocket helps keep essentials within reach
  • Our proprietary blended fabric is durable, does not pill and will not fade
  • Machine washable 
  • For babies up to 35 lbs.
  • For mothers, fathers, and caretakers of all shapes and sizes.


Magical Modal: 150% More Breathable than Cotton

The biggest problem with typical baby wraps is that they’re too hot. Most traditional wraps are like rolling your baby up in a 5-meter long cotton blanket and then walking around, adding body heat into the mixture. Compound this with the natural hormonal changes present after giving birth, and the result is… buckets of sweat for both mom and baby! Yuck, ew, ick!

To solve this problem, we use modal, a bio-based fabric that is 150% more air permeable than cotton. In a word – breathable! The results… well, just read the reviews!  Our Breathable Modal Wrap is significantly cooler than other baby wraps, so both you and baby can be less sweaty, and more comfortable walking around together, longer. Now THAT’s a wrap!



2x Softer than Cotton

Our Breathable Modal Wrap’s second major advantage is that it is extremely soft. “Extremely” might not even be a strong enough adjective! Modal is twice as soft as cotton. Go ahead, grab your favorite cotton baby item, touch it, and then imagine something two times softer! (It is no surprise that other brands are now enthusiastically using modal in underwear.) You and your baby deserve the very softest, which means you must try modal!




Modal comes from beech trees cultivated in eco-responsible forests. Modal production uses 20x less water than cotton cultivation and 4x less arable land. We believe in doing everything possible to leave our children a healthy environment.



Machine Washable

We all know babies are messy, so it would be criminal to make a baby wrap that was not machine washable. Not only is ours machine washable, but it also won’t fade or shrink. Just throw your Breathable Modal Wrap into the washer, hang it to dry, and you’re ready to go on your next baby-carrying adventure!


Oh, and a convenient pocket too!

We couldn’t believe it when we tested other wraps and found no pockets! This one was a no brainer. We added a pocket to keep all of the essentials within hands reach. The pocket can also be used to store your Breathable Modal Wrap when not in use, keeping the wrap cleaner and your life just that much more organized.



+ All the Standard Advantages of Baby Wraps

No hard straps and buckles, no confusing adjustments. That means no guesswork! You will get a comfortable fit each and every time. Wraps are best for babies not yet able to fully support themselves. Because our wraps are breathable, keeping baby cool, they are great for naps. Baby will sleep like a, well, baby, when right next to your heartbeat and scent. They also work well for discreet feedings when out and about.


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    • We've worked to develop the perfect weight jersey for our modal apparel, giving each piece just the right amount of stretch, coziness and breathability.
    • As all moms know, babies sleep best when they are warm (but not too warm!), dry, and wrapped in softness.
    • Modal is hypoallergenic, so no icky rashes or irritations.
    • Modal is a natural fabric created from recycled beech tree pulp, which requires much less water to produce than both cotton and organic cotton. Making modal uses 20x less water and 4x less land than cotton. Our modal is also produced from beech trees cultivated in sustainable forests.